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Mom's Braised Cube Steaks - Modernized

Mom's Braised Cube Steaks - Modernized

Mom used to cook these steaks on Sunday morning while she was in church. She dredged cube steaks in flour then browned them in an ancient cast iron Dutch oven that belonged to my dad's mother. She poured enough chicken broth into the browned steaks to come about half way up their sides, covered it, and put it on a slow (200° F) oven while she was off to church services.

When the got back she finished off the gravy that the flour and chicken broth formed and served the lot with mashed potatoes and home-canned green beans.

The induction cooktop ( ) controls the heat so well, this dish is a dream to prepare. Set it on high to brown then to 210° F to braise them slowly for a couple of hours.

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