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Fishing on the Clinch River

Fishing on the Clinch River

When Norris Dam is generating with two units the river downstream runs fast. A couple of Mike's pink salmon eggs bounced off the rocky bottom will get you rainbow and brown trout all day long. Of course you have to avoid the sunken Volkswagen that was left over from one of the "Ramblin' Raft Races" that used to be held annually on the river. And there is an old fiberglass runabout about three miles below Peach Orchard.

Steve and I used to go through the Burger King drive-through in Clinton and get three Whopper Combos. Steve would eat two of them between Clinton and the Peach Orchard launch site then man the helm when we were on the water. I could have lunch as we motored to our honey hole.

Good times!!!

from an Ektachrome transparency

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